Raving fans.


lori ruff“Encouraged and motivated would be two words I would use to describe the impact Tim has on my life and business. Most entrepreneurs are so busy running their businesses, they don’t have time to focus on life. Tim helps you do that, and he does it in a way that creates an ‘I can do this’ attitude. Thanks, Tim!”
Lori Ruff (The LinkedIn Diva, ) 




Charlotte ann moore“In one session, Tim has shown me how to put together my own coaching package, how to better prepare for my upcoming events and how to better show you how to make your move from surviving to thriving.”
Charlotte Ann Moore (Preserve for a Purpose, Dallas, TX)




jeff fagin“Tim rocked the house at our 2% club…I highly encourage everybody who has the opportunity to work with Tim, to have Tim come speak at their engagements or to have the opportunity to learn from Tim to take full advantage of it. Thumbs up for Tim Gillette!”
Jeff Fagin (Phoenix 2% Club, Phoenix, AZ)




Janie LideyTim Gillette helped me let go of my fear of blogging and set me on fire to start connecting with my audience through my blog

Janie Lidey ( Singer, Songwriter )




In just one hoGlenn-20Miya-20MDur Tim Gillette taught me how to open a world of blogging, creativity, and networking that continues to grow. His coaching style is direct, practical, and powerful.

Glenn Miya MD Doctor / Radio Show Host



“Working wtracey_nith Tim has helped me put the focus where I need it to be. I shared everything I was doing with my different businesses and he was able to pinpoint exactly where I needed to work. He helped me put together my goals and kept me focused on working on them. If you need somebody to help you fine-tune what you need to work on, I would highly recommend Tim. I am so excited to continue down this road.”
Tracy Gusé Rodriguez (Lady Fitness Boot Camps, Phoenix, AZ)




monica“Your event was different because it really had me focus on what it is I want – not business so much as personal development. What have I not done yet that I want to do? What’s holding me back? I just love the different perspective and focus of what Rocker Life Coach was about. It was wonderful.”
Monica Cornetti (Entreprenow and author of “Your Face Isn’t Finished Until Your Lipstick is On”)





Jennifer Luney“Tim brings a fun,educational and ‘rock star’ performance to his speaking engagements. He delivers a positive message and action-oriented style to his audience participation workshops and presentations. Connecting, engaging, entertaining and motivating, Tim brings his knowledge, street-smarts, and experience along with purpose for a results-driven outcome. I highly recommend Tim Gillette”

Jennifer Luney ( B Harmony Events)




“Saw Tim speak ljeff Kleinast night and he really delivers from the front of the room. He connects with his audience, engages them, entertains them, educates and inspires them. He had the audience in the palm of his hand. That’s the kind of speaker you want at your next event.”

Jeff Klein ( Founder Speaker Co-op )




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