Title to get attention

Testing out of using of video today.



Day 2

Today we learned to create an effective About me page that sets us apart from anyone else in our niche and industry.

Here was the Success format we shared.

About ME Page

Success format.

Objective: get them off guard from any thing else anyone is doing in your industry.

5-part format I use to create mine. (Note this works best for personal connections to your business)

  1. Share some personal facts. You do not have to give away all, but just a few things that make it seem personal to the reader.
  2. State or use 3 objections in your industry and why you are not the same as them.
  3. Give 2 or 3 things that you do for your clients.
  4. Write about you but explain what you do different, or what sets you apart from others in your niche or industry.
  5. Give a call to action

First day 2017

My first day in 2017 was a break, that means we took a break. My wife and I enjoyed some great snacks and wine she wanted to make.

We watched the Cowboys lose to the Eagles. And for the first time since moving to Dallas from Philly in 1998 I was hoping the cowboys would beat the eagles.

I enjoyed my day, and I am looking forward to helping you kickstart your blog in 2017.


What I loved about the Brady Bunch

As A kid watching TV was that one mystery place where everything worked out. Almost always everything worked out in 30 minutes or less. This came with commercial breaks to let my mom know the things that I did not have that I needed to get her to buy when we went to the grocery store.

The favorite TV show would have been the Brady bunch. They were a family who seemed to have a feud going, yet they seemed to always work out everything and get along. That was something I wanted in my world, I loved my brothers yet at times I so wanted to fight with them about something.

I guess you could say it was a show of peace in a family that was forced together. In life we are all forced into relationships, business, jobs, etc. When it comes to choosing the mate we want to share our life with, and bringing kids into this world we all know times will not always be heaven. IT would be nice if we could work out all of life’s problems in 30 minutes or less.

Still I am thankful that I watched a show like The Brady Bunch, now I know that if I want to find a solution to a relationship problem, then it becomes a we issue. We must find a common ground to work towards.

When it comes to TV shows what was your favorite growing up? If you watched the Brady Bunch what was your favorite Episode? I still have to say the episode where they went on vacation and stopped in a ghost town. That would be the start of my interest in Ghost towns. But that is another story for another day.

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Showing UP


Life was going to be fun. I had the dream of sitting at home in my PJs, just getting up and playing online. It was a grand plan to make tons of money and I would not have to leave my house to do it.

I’m sure you have heard of the sales pitch from the many blog trainers out there. They promise gold, tell you how you will be bringing in money while sitting on your couch and watching TV.

I hate to disappoint you; this is not going to be one of those posts. Yes, it’s a dream of us all as bloggers to sit at home and just watch the money come in. But you must do the work to get there.

My business changed when I decided to show up, get out and build it. I did three simple things that helped me build that following and I now have habits that bring in the results. Those three simple things are:

  1. Post something online that people are looking for. Too many coaches who come to work with me have the same message: they tell you how they coach and what they coach about. But people are not looking for a coach when they find you. They have been searching for the solution to a problem they’re experiencing; you need to reference that problem in your keywords so they will find your posts. Then, in your posts, you share how you fixed the problem.
  2. You have to get out of your house to connect. The idea of just putting a post on Facebook and waiting for the world to come running to you to buy your coaching services is a myth. You have to get out and attend live events like networking functions; you have to shake hands and get to know people. The most important thing I did to build the following and the clients I have was getting out and shaking hands, just like politicians do. When I attend a live event and start actually meeting people, that’s the key that connects me to them for long-term relationships.
  3. Time to be the real you. Turn off the salesy voice that is desperately trying to make the sale. You sound so much like you are NOT making any money at this. Well when people are looking to learn things that will lead to their success, they are looking for someone who has done what they want to do. Too many people in the world who are using marketing terms to attract aren’t being real. When people see the real you they can tell if you are not speaking from a position of experience. Start sharing the real things you have done, the real journey.

It’s time to be real. Your call to action is to make sure the people who are looking for help with a problem can connect with you because you are using the terms they are searching for. It’s time to get out of your house and connect to the real world.

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How the Balboa Ferry started – A Fun History

How the Balboa Ferry started – A Fun History.

Teach the world to sing in harmony.

Cat “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.” I know you think you are seeing purple dinosaurs. I was thinking back to all the gimmicks and things we learned as kids to connect to the world outside ourselves. I thought of things like the theme song from the kids’ TV show, Barney, the Coca-Cola song, and let’s not forget the Micheal Jackson-inspired project, “We Are the World.” They were all about connections.

Well today we are taking our blogging another step and starting to connect with the world outside of our blog. When I teach the workshop on blogging, I like to make the statement, “‘If you build it they will come’ only works in the movies. You have to learn to market and promote to get anything to take off.”

Yesterday I asked some of my community of friends to connect with this blog project. They left some comments to help with today’s message of getting your blog out to the world. Well, there are a few ways you can start connecting with the world of bloggers other business owners.

1. Learn to connect with your present community. The first people I asked to look at my blog were my mom, my other family, and then my friends. I now have a larger group of friends than when I started my first blog in 2010. Over the years I have built many connections. So when I start something new I ask for their support. Yesterday I did just that by asking some friends to comment on the blog posts.

2. Learn to connect with your social media platforms. One thing you should do when you start your blog is to make sure you connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks you use. I put a broadcast on my timeline on Facebook to let my friends know, “Hey, I wrote a new post.” When using sites like Twitter, you might want to construct about 5 to 8 tweets about your post and schedule them to go out throughout the day you post the blog. Space them to reach people who might be online at different times of the day. Use your community to connect to your blog and read about what you are doing with your business.

3. Connect with the blogging community. It’s time to look out in the blogging world to see who else is blogging. See if you have ideas in common, find stories that relate to yours, check out their blogs and, if you find a post they wrote that you agree with, leave a comment on it. Also start looking at those who comment on your blogs; click the link to go over to visit their pages and do the same. This is the best way to grow relationships in the community.

RocknRoll SpeakerToday I want to challenge you to reach out in these three areas. If you are part of the 21-day start-up project, you should be writing your post today and reaching out in the three areas listed above. Reach out to your family, friends and network of people. Send a post to your social media sites that leads people to come read what you wrote. And leave a comment on some other peoples’ blogs.

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