How soon before adding a sales page?

Just started your blog, and we know you did it to help build your business. You are wondering how soon is to soon to adding your sales pages?

How soon should you be adding a products page?

What other pages should we be adding to our blog?

From the beginning of your new blog, I hope that you have in mind that you are going to use this as another tool to build your business. One of the top questions I get about blogging is how do I make money with a blog?

So if your goal is to build an audience, and you need to someday make money with this. How soon should you be launching those sales pages?

Well you should be adding a page with a list of services you provide in the first week. Yes they are going to change , but as soon as people start reading your blog posts they are going to like you. Once you start to get people to like you, soon they are going to want to do business with you.

So the pages you need to add to your blog, and in the first week would be great.

  1. A work with me page…  The idea is to give readers an idea of how, and what services you provide. Even outline what steps they need to take to get started with working with you.
  2. Contact me page… You want to have a general page for people to reach out with questions about your product, services, or general questions about you and your business. My best recommendation is DO NOT list your email address. Some hackers have built bots that comb websites looking for email addresses, and soon you will find you are on all kinds of spam lists, as well as people who are all about finding any cheap and quick sale they can..
  3. Raving fans, or testimonials page…. People wand social proof that you are as good as your blog tells everyone you are. The best way to do this is adding testimonials. If you have them in both written as well as video it lets people see you are real.
  4. About me page…. This is the first place they will go after reading your blog post they found. People check out people, people do business with people. So the first thing you should do is fill out an about me page. If you are blogging or have a team at your company the best thing to do on an about me page is call it “about our team” and have something about each team member.
  5. Speaking page… This may not apply to all who read this, BUT find the way in your industry to use this. One of the biggest things I am looking for is speaking opportunities at other events. So I have a speaking page. This is a page that is designed to give people a little look at to what I can do for their audience, and hopefully gives them an open door to reach out and hire me to speak.

So I hope you have some of these pages started on your blog, as soon as you can these should be some fixed pages. Set them up and build a menu bar across the top of your page to give your new readers an easy layout to understand you, your business, see what you have done, get a picture of how you can help them, and a door to reach out and hire you.




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