What do we need next


As I think this morning about what I need to do next in my business, I find that so many things need to be done. One of the biggest things I face, I wonder if you face them as well.

The over whelm of having so much to do. Do you sit and start to write a list of “to do’s” only to find that the list gets longer, and longer. Then you take each task and start to break down you have to do this, and this, and before you know it that one thing turns into 12 steps. The you realize you need to do 10 things before you get to that one 12 step process.

The idea is we all have lots to do on our list, and the more we get done, the more it seams we have to do. We keep adding to that list, and adding, till we wake up one day look at the list and say ” I need a day off”

When it comes to blogging the reason Ive created the 21 day kickstart program was to help people break things down into simple tasks. If you did not have to do it all at once, just follow a simple step and then get back to other important tasks in your business, and life.

Well today in the program we talk about TAGS and CATEGORIES. You see we break down the things we cover into Categories. This makes a few smaller departments of what you teach in your blog.

When it comes to blog training one of the people I have followed over the years was Darren Rowse of Problogger. If you went to their site they have a side bar of like 6 different issues that the blogger might be looking to improve.

That would be the categories. If you write things that are specific to that area mark them with that category. Then its a simple way for those who come to your blog to find the help on that one area of they need in your business. As they may not need the other areas in other categories at this time. Its what I say help them with what they need, and when other areas they need that you teach or help they will trust you more and return.

Now we move to the area of how we get people to find our areas of help. Well this is where the tags come in. If you were to head out the the main reader page of wordpress you would see that you can search based on tags that people have created.

Today we will go more into this on the call. If you have found us on the web and would like to be part of our class each month to kickstart your blog. Join our webinar training list here.  www.RockAroundYourBlog.com

See you next time



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