My jukebox story

Today on our class we are going to talk about SEO. When it comes to what I know on SEO, it will not take a class to teach what I know. So why is this so important to many people out in the blogging world???

What tricks do you do for SEO and getting traffic to your site?

I recall the winter idea of talking about my favorite songs. Sitting and writing about how a song from the 1980s so inspired me, I went on to write and share the story from the song and how it inspired me, let alone the guy who it really happened to.

Many people love the inspirational stories, we grab them from sports, drama, comedy, romance. All of which are what keeps the movie industry alive. For me the story that was the most motivating? Juke Box Hero.

A song from the band Foreigner about a young man sitting outside in the rain listening to the concert through the wall.

This post would go on to become one of my most read blog posts of all time. Over 7700 people in less than 3 days would come to read it. An since then many more.

What was my secret?

I talked about something that mattered to me… I shared it, and used the keywords to talk about it. Plus using a picture that had the right coding in it. A title to the photo that would make it key to the image search of “jukebox”.

SEO can be a tricky game, and that post was the where I learned a secret. Want to know more about some of my secrets ?

I teach a blogging class each month, if you would like to get your name on the list to receive an invite to the class just click on http://www.RockAroundYour and add your name and email to the list.

Have a great day, see you next time…



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