What I loved about the Brady Bunch

As A kid watching TV was that one mystery place where everything worked out. Almost always everything worked out in 30 minutes or less. This came with commercial breaks to let my mom know the things that I did not have that I needed to get her to buy when we went to the grocery store.

The favorite TV show would have been the Brady bunch. They were a family who seemed to have a feud going, yet they seemed to always work out everything and get along. That was something I wanted in my world, I loved my brothers yet at times I so wanted to fight with them about something.

I guess you could say it was a show of peace in a family that was forced together. In life we are all forced into relationships, business, jobs, etc. When it comes to choosing the mate we want to share our life with, and bringing kids into this world we all know times will not always be heaven. IT would be nice if we could work out all of life’s problems in 30 minutes or less.

Still I am thankful that I watched a show like The Brady Bunch, now I know that if I want to find a solution to a relationship problem, then it becomes a we issue. We must find a common ground to work towards.

When it comes to TV shows what was your favorite growing up? If you watched the Brady Bunch what was your favorite Episode? I still have to say the episode where they went on vacation and stopped in a ghost town. That would be the start of my interest in Ghost towns. But that is another story for another day.

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One thought on “What I loved about the Brady Bunch

  1. I watched the Brady Bunch for the “evaluative factor”. Since my father died when I was 2, I knew that if my mom were to get remarried, the guy would most likely have kids, and we’d need to become a blended family. But there the correlation stopped, as I already had 2 brothers, and knew their types of shenanigans. But getting a sister might have been nice.
    As for favorite episode: the one where Alice took a vacation, and wasn’t there to call upon, so they all had to stop being whiny brats and do something for themselves. And here’s the kicker: most of them were older than I.


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