Teach the world to sing in harmony.

Cat “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.” I know you think you are seeing purple dinosaurs. I was thinking back to all the gimmicks and things we learned as kids to connect to the world outside ourselves. I thought of things like the theme song from the kids’ TV show, Barney, the Coca-Cola song, and let’s not forget the Micheal Jackson-inspired project, “We Are the World.” They were all about connections.

Well today we are taking our blogging another step and starting to connect with the world outside of our blog. When I teach the workshop on blogging, I like to make the statement, “‘If you build it they will come’ only works in the movies. You have to learn to market and promote to get anything to take off.”

Yesterday I asked some of my community of friends to connect with this blog project. They left some comments to help with today’s message of getting your blog out to the world. Well, there are a few ways you can start connecting with the world of bloggers other business owners.

1. Learn to connect with your present community. The first people I asked to look at my blog were my mom, my other family, and then my friends. I now have a larger group of friends than when I started my first blog in 2010. Over the years I have built many connections. So when I start something new I ask for their support. Yesterday I did just that by asking some friends to comment on the blog posts.

2. Learn to connect with your social media platforms. One thing you should do when you start your blog is to make sure you connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks you use. I put a broadcast on my timeline on Facebook to let my friends know, “Hey, I wrote a new post.” When using sites like Twitter, you might want to construct about 5 to 8 tweets about your post and schedule them to go out throughout the day you post the blog. Space them to reach people who might be online at different times of the day. Use your community to connect to your blog and read about what you are doing with your business.

3. Connect with the blogging community. It’s time to look out in the blogging world to see who else is blogging. See if you have ideas in common, find stories that relate to yours, check out their blogs and, if you find a post they wrote that you agree with, leave a comment on it. Also start looking at those who comment on your blogs; click the link to go over to visit their pages and do the same. This is the best way to grow relationships in the community.

RocknRoll SpeakerToday I want to challenge you to reach out in these three areas. If you are part of the 21-day start-up project, you should be writing your post today and reaching out in the three areas listed above. Reach out to your family, friends and network of people. Send a post to your social media sites that leads people to come read what you wrote. And leave a comment on some other peoples’ blogs.

To find out more about how we help entrepreneurs rock their businesses be sure to check out our web page http://www.TimGillette.com.


7 thoughts on “Teach the world to sing in harmony.

  1. Step by step processes are the easiest to follow. I cherish anyone who will walk me through something especially tech stuff one step at a time. It is my greatest challenge to learn something technical and make it a habit. Thanks Tim


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